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Another friendly and positive night with Alicja Antoniak, the staff and the customers singing at The Coach and Horses, Lyminge, Kent, thank you so much for your regular bookings. On the Friday, 22nd March we packed my equipment in my little car and with the heater on full pelt, my dress tucked in, we were off! I always get so nervous and my partner always asks, why? Well you never know who’s going to be there on the night do you? It may be that there are some people there that don’t like a solo singer, singing to backing tracks? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea after all. But thankfully I’ve sung over there for quite a while now and become friends with a few of the regulars and they are always full of positive comments. It’s so encouraging to know that people are still enjoying my singing.

Sammy Lou singing at the Coach and Horses

The Coach and Horses Pub is another friendly, welcoming place where there is no trouble, no egos only fun and smiles. It’s another one of my favourites I have to say. The food is great, there’s a separate restaurant so you can get away from the bar and enjoy a more intimate setting, especially if it’s a romantic dinner! There’s a huge space outside and in the summer, with the beer festivals, it’s always a winner. The cheesy chips are gorgeous by the way.

Yes it is a little tucked out of the way, but I like that. Rural pubs are so friendly, people join in, they sing along, dance and get involved. I love it, especially when there’s a birthday party or hen night. I prefer it when people become a part of the night, making it about them too, because I always enjoy myself and when I know that the listeners have enjoyed it too, then I feel that I’ve played my part and I can go home a happy bunny. You feed off your audience in my experience.

So thank you Alicja and all at The Coach and Horses! I look forward to coming back on Saturday 28th June!

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